i’m working on updating shit over here. probably gonna break my website.


this is me.

my name is virgil. i have been alive for a decent amount of years. i am kind of addicted to video games, but i guess that is better then most addictions right? making stuff out of glass is really cool. i wish i knew how to work with metal. i guess that sums me up.

“vai a farti fottere”
-ezio auditore da firenze

a worthless gamer.

i don’t know why i still do this.

my gaming career started at a fairly young age. over time it has escalated to where i am now… which is nowhere. overtime i have documented a variety of game play for my own entertainment. i have recently decided to get back into it, so here it goes. checkout my twitch channel below for updates on when i am streaming.

worthless shit.

chat commands.

here is a list of chat commands that i have integrated into my twitch streams. seasonal special !boo all commands !acciobum !anime !avocado !aye !back !bitch !blessed !cat !cheese !clap !clubPromethea !congratulations !dah !dementor !disgusten !doIt !doneThis !dream !ew !expecto !eyebrows !fingers !fireball !fuckBoys !fuckYouVirgil !fuckYouVirgil2 !fuckYouVirgil3 !flirt !friends !goOut !goteem !goToBed !happyBirthday !harryPotter !hateIt …

nightbot shout outs

so after many failed attempts at shouting out people in my twitch chat, i learned that it didn’t exist because my dumb ass never made the actual command. well now i have a command. i enjoy using nightbot for my twitch commands as it stays active even when i am offline. although this doesn’t really …

my worthless streams.

it’s happening! i am getting back into streaming again. so much has changed with streaming over the past few years. i think the last time i streamed was about two years ago when i decided to randomly stream some of the new spiderman game that came out (which is an amazing game). streaming now versus …


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worthless stuff.

stuff i made.

a worthless artist makes worthless stuff. here is a random collection of some of the things i have made.