i’m working on updating shit over here. probably gonna break my website.


this is me.

my name is virgil. i have been alive for a decent amount of years. i am addicted to video games, but i guess that is better then most addictions right? making stuff out of glass and metal is pretty cool.

“vai a farti fottere”
-ezio auditore da firenze

a worthless gamer.

i like games.

my gaming career started at a fairly young age. over time it has escalated to where i am now… which is nowhere. overtime i have documented a variety of game play for my own entertainment. i stream on a fairly regular basis through twitch nowadays.

worthless blog.

nightbot jokes

nightbot command that will create dumb jokes in return.

nightbot shout outs

simple tutorial for creating nightbot shout out command to use in twitch chat.


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worthless art.

stuff i made.

a worthless artist makes worthless stuff. here is a random collection of some of the things i have made.