assassin’s creed time.

these games are really the backbone of the gaming industry… well maybe not, but they do hold a special place in my nonexistent heart. my life of gaming started long before the first assassin’s creed game (back in 2007), but assassin’s creed is the reason why i dumped about $800 at a target in alabama on a console and games, not knowing it would become my life. the original assassin’s creed game was beyond captivating, something i had never experienced before in a video game. i hated history in school and this game made me love it. you have to remember, gaming was not like it is now. it was an actual challenge to convince your parents back in the day to allow you to buy/rent a video game. the world of video game streaming along with massive worldwide competitions was extremely small, almost nonexistent. so i spent years saving all of my allowance money to become a gamer and here i am now, still obsessed with assassin’s creed. i usually say the spyro games are what really got me into gaming, but assassin’s creed is what skyrocketed my obsession.

with the announcement of the new assassin’s creed valhalla game, along with this corona-virus quarantine lifestyle, i have decided to go back to the roots of my assassins creed obsession and play through all of the games starting from numero uno. i will be recording and sharing my journey here, because why the hell not right? i know this will be one of the largest challenges for me, but i am ready to get lost in this gaming lifestyle once more.


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