well f**********k.

you ever just run into one of those problems that you totally forgot about because you got so annoyed by it months ago? welp, i ran into that issue again. i now remember why i had stopped recording any of my video game content over the past couple of years. it seems that the recording device i own has some audio issues…. which has caused some problems with my most recently recorded assassin’s creed recordings. i guess i lucked out that i had only recorded for a few hours of the game before realizing the issue, but nonetheless it is still one of those things that is extremely annoying.

after a very upsetting evening of crawling around in the dark, plugging and unplugging multiple wires, i finally just went to bed. if there is one thing i have learned in life, it is that if shit hits the fan, go to bed. you always wake up with a much clearer head. and with that, i did indeed wake up with a much clearer head and found a workaround for my problem (cause i am a genius)! i am now back to recording my games like normal with no more audio or video issues. time to make some video content again!

what was my issue? well i have an older model recording card produced by avermedia. this recording card is called ‘live gamer’ code name c985. come to find out recently that this card has a history of audio issues with it’s audio input connection. it also does not like recording audio from another pc through hdmi either…. or so i thought! i was able to create a work around by changing the audio output of my gaming pc to the ‘avermedia’ recording device. but wait, now i have no audio for my game unless i wear headphones that are connected to my recording pc. well i figured out that i can connect the audio output of my recording pc to my speakers through some additional connections (the red and white rca audio connections you see in the image above). and with that, i can finally record my video games with no more audio issues. time to game!

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