xbox 360 controller emulator.

so i learned something new while setting up all my game recording stuff recently. apparently some older games do not recognize the new xbox one controllers very well. this is because the games were made for the xbox 360 controllers back in the day. after a couple hours of awkwardly playing assassins creed one, i finally learned how to fix this issue. there is something called a xbox 360 emulator and you download this file and insert it into your games file. once you load your game back up, you can then use your xbox one controller but the game thinks it is a xbox 360 controller. so far this has been the case for both assassins creed one and two.

here is a link to more detailed information about the process.

the process is very simple. download the zip file for the emulator. locate your game file and extract the zip contents into that game file. run the emulator just to make sure it registers your controller and has everything installed correctly. now when you go to play your game, it will register as a xbox 360 controller and you are good to go… at least it was that easy for me so good luck!

example of the contents from the zip file placed inside the main game file.

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