nothing is true, everything is permitted.

assassins creed is a fking awesome game! going back to the roots, i am starting to remember why i fell in love with this franchise. i can vividly remember the first night i bought my xbox 360 with assassins creed one. my friend and i played it for hours. we were just amazed by the graphics, fighting, scenery, and story.

ever since i started gaming, i have always loved completing game achievements. these are little tasks for you to do while playing a game and typically allow you to reach 100% once you complete them all. although i am not a crazy game achiever, i definitely was not just a casual gamer like most. i would spend hours focused specifically on completing achievements. there are a number of assassins creed games that i have completed to 100% but assassins creed one is not one of them. i feel like now is my time to do it. sadly the pc version of the first couple of assassin creed games do not have achievements implemented, so this means i will be whipping out my old xbox 360 console. hopefully it does not burst into flames!

the assassins creed franchise has grown like crazy over the years. the first game of the franchise is what created my love for gaming. you get drawn into this world that takes place in 1191 where cities have been under siege by crusaders at that time. the game creates this real world atmosphere that captivates you beyond belief. locations and the characters you kill are all based on real life. it is like an exciting history lesson. as an assassin, you are put through a series of test to gain back your rank in the creed. most of these test are geared towards assassinating individuals who are part of the templar order. templars are your biggest enemy and is a huge part of the whole story. the game at the time implemented one of the coolest abilities, parkour. something about running around a world and climbing historical buildings is just cool. the fighting also had some of the coolest kill animations which became a staple for the rest of the assassins creed games. overall, getting to replay this game really brought back some amazing memories. there are parts of the story i did not remember and also other parts that just make way more sense now that i am older. i can’t wait to continue playing through the large series of assassins creed games and the best part of all of this is that i am gaining my love for gaming again.

try the game yourself at the ubisoft store.

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