time for some saints row remastered.

oh hell yeah! time to jump back into some saints row! saints row: the third was the first saints row game i had ever played back in the day. since elementary school, i had only played grand theft auto and the saints row games never really caught my attention. this all changed when saints row: the third came out right around my peak gaming life in 2011-2012. i was always looking for new co-op games to play with my best friend and we came across saints row (this was during my initial wannabe youtuber phase). we both instantly became addicted to this crazy, chaotic, hilarious, thrilling world. literally this game is just pure joy. there is so much customization and it sucked us in. being a grand theft auto fan, i had no issue with saying that i loved this game too. the game styles are so different and both have their highlights. but saints row: the third was just purely amazing and refreshing, especially in comparison to most co-op games at that time. making a big titty girl character and beating enemies with a huge dildo is something you never will experience in any another game.

with the remastered version of this game coming out just a few days ago, i will be excitedly playing through the game again and reliving everything there is to love about it. i am currently working on trying to rehabilitate my youtube channel and have randomly started streaming on there again. although i am recording/streaming again, i am really just doing this for fun. i just like being able to watch my old videos with friends and relive those moments. it’s kinda like watching old home videos. let see how far i will get this time…

stream #2. been testing out how to make the stream quality better for the past few days.

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