my worthless streams.

it’s happening! i am getting back into streaming again. so much has changed with streaming over the past few years. i think the last time i streamed was about two years ago when i decided to randomly stream some of the new spiderman game that came out (which is an amazing game). streaming now versus how it was back in 2015 or 2016 is huge though. there has been a big leap into making streaming software very simple, and it is awesome.

i am using the program ‘streamlabs‘ for my live streams. this program was out a couple of years ago and i had spent some time setting up customized sounds and layout. come to find out, this program remembered my account from when i used it a couple years ago. so after downloading it again, i still had all of my sounds and layout saved! this was probably the best part about setting up my stream again.

snippet of my streamlabs.

now that i have had about six stream sessions, i am finally getting back into the rhythm. because i have no real viewership, it has made it easier to test things out like video quality and sound without having to worry about ‘performing’. i have learned a lot about stream settings and will probably write a blurb on how to make your own setup at some point. there are little details that a lot of folks don’t really explain that can make a huge difference in how your stream looks. my biggest struggle right now is figuring out audio to make sure you can hear my voice clearly but still hear the game play too. plus i still have random audio issues with my stupid ‘avermedia live gamer c985’ card, but that is a whole other discussion (and frankly it just pisses me off).

i recently started streaming through youtube but have moved back over to twitch. it seems like the quality on the twitch streams are much better and i really enjoy the twitch interface. you are able to connect your twitch account to your youtube account so i have been able to export all of my streams directly to my youtube channel so i never lose my content! i hope to continue recording and streaming at least through the end of 2020 because i have been really enjoying it again.

watch my streams at:

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