nightbot jokes

simple nightbot command that creates a dumb joke.

go to and create/connect your twitch account to it.

start by going to the ‘commands’ tab in the menu and then ‘custom’. now click the ‘add command’.

what you will see when creating/editing commands.

for the command line, make it whatever the you want. to keep it simple i use ‘!joke’.

now add your message. copy and pasta this command as the message:

$(urlfetch json	

you can keep the ‘userlevel’ to ‘everyone’ or change it to be only activatable by mods and change it to ‘moderator’.

i recommend changing the ‘cooldown’ to 10 or more seconds. this will control how often the command can be activated. i like 20 seconds.

we do not need to worry about the ‘alias’ thing so just leave it blank.

example of what your joke command should look like.

now whenever your chat wants a joke, they can just type ‘!joke’ in twitch chat and nightbot will automatically respond with a joke.

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