updating my old youtube channel.

new logo. 2020.

welcome back youtube. it’s been some time, but i am ready to jump back in. with more time on my hands then normal (thanks corona), i have finally taken the steps to get back into creating content once more. my youtube channel is kind of like watching old home videos; i can just sit back and re-watch my history of gaming. i have always just used youtube to have fun and record game play and i don’t plan on changing much. i might try to do something different one day, but for now it is really just a hobby.

so, how about some history? i have always enjoyed watching and sharing video game experiences. this was a huge reason for why i even started a youtube channel back in 2012. i would play games for hours with my friends and thought, ‘why not share our fun co-op adventures?’ over time i was became more eager to get into the scene and make something of it. i think that was when i lost my desire for why i was even recording and uploading game footage. after hours of creating content and almost never receiving any recognition you start to feel pointless. this is why so many people stop having fun and making content. it takes a shit ton of effort with almost no return. once you lose that fire, you just stop. it does not help that i had started the channel with my best friend and then our personal life conflicts came into play and i really lost the interests of sharing my gaming journey. it has been a couple of years now since all of this occurred and i feel pumped to get back into creating content again. this time alone and strictly for fun.

so what’s to come? well that is a great question that i am sure a professional would know, but i am no professional. a new assassins creed is supposed to be coming out towards the end of the year along with some new gaming consoles. but i also have a handful of pc and ps4 games that i have yet to touch or finish so i guess i should start there. so far i have been very consistent with my streams which can be viewed live at twitch.tv/aworthlessgamer and short funny clips and past broadcasts can be found on my youtube channel youtube.com/aworthlessgamer.

my new youtube/twitch banner! 2020.

with updating my channel, comes updating the names and banners. between the twitter, youtube, and twitch accounts, i have now updated all of these from “vejcaecoop” to “aworthlessgamer”. the name came randomly to me one day when i was stuck in hawaii during corona virus and realized how worthless i am. and here i am now, still just as worthless.

new logo and banner in 2022.

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